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Cameras and Imaging

Microscope cameras, digital microscopes, image analysis, image management, film, and custom camera integration.

Electron Microscopes

Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopes, EDX, WDX, detectors, chillers, filaments, and accessories.

EM Preparation

Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy preparation for biological and material samples.

Light Microscopy

Confocal, transmitted, reflected, polarized, fluorescence, and stereo microscopes and light microscopy accessories.

Light Preparation

Light Microscopy and Histology preparation.

Scanning Probe

Atomic Forces, Scanning Probe, Microscopes, nano positioning, microscope calibration and accessories.


FT-IR, Raman, Auger, ESCA, XPS, TOF, SIMS, WDX, and EDX Microanalysis

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