INDEC BioSystems

Imaging Workbench 5; FluorVivo; Power Analysis Module; Extensions to OLYMPUS FLUOVIEW


Fluorescence imaging software; fluorescence imaging systems; small animal GFP imaging in vivo; FLUOVIEW confocal software. (1) Imaging Workbench 5 and Power Analysis Module: time-series multifluorescence imaging software, ratios, cooperates w. pCLAMP, FRET, GFP, colocalization, z-step, deconvolution. (2) Turnkey custom fluorescence imaging systems, cost effective, high performance, on-site installation-training. (3)Small animal in vivo imaging with GFP, RFP; (4)Extensions to OLYMPUS FLUOVIEW: Upgrade to new computer, PhysioLink, Review Station, custom software.


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