PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. Piezo Nanopositioning

Microscopy scanning stages, Piezo Z-Motor Lens Scanners, Piezo-Motor Positioning Stages


PI is the global leader in  nanopositioning scanning stages for microscopy and lens Z-scanners for 3D imaging. Very fast response (millisecond response) sub-nanometer precision, very large product range of standard and custom products.  Digital and analog controllers, excellent software support, global service and support.  Applications include Confocal, AFM, NSOM, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Interferometry, Nano-lithography, NanoAlignment.


Email: info@pi-usa.us
Phone: 508 832 3456
Fax: 508 832 0506
16 Albert St.
Auburn, MA 01501
United States


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