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Deconvolution and visualization software for microscopy


Huygens Essential is an image processing software package tailored for microscopic images. Its wizard driven user interface guides you through the process of deconvolving microscopic images. Huygens Essential is able to deconvolve a wide variety of images ranging from 2D widefield (WF) images to 4D multi-channel two-photon, Nipkow disc or confocal images. To facilitate comparison of raw and deconvolved data, Huygens Essential is equipped with several visualization tools. Among them are a Twin Slicer, Surface renderer, MIP projection and Volume renderer. Advanced colocalization and object analysis modules are available to quantify your images in an interactive fashion. *Reads ICS, TIFF, Zeiss LSM, Olympus 'Fluoview', Biorad, Leica, Metamorph STK files. *Writes ICS, TIFF, BioRad.


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